Childcare Program

The purpose of childcare is to assist trainees with the cost of providing supervised care for dependents while on a training course or starting a job. This allowance may be paid when:

  1. course or job placement is sponsored by SLAAMB
  2. there is a demonstrated need - example
    • up to a maximum of three (3) months for starting a new job
    • ½ time while on a course or similar program - negotiable
  3. dependent(s) up to the age of 12 or in need of special care
  4. maximum child care is $3/hr to a maximum of $20/day per child - maximum 5 days/week
  5. maximum of 4 dependents starting with the youngest one
  6. any family having a combined income of $725/week or more will not be eligible

Note: This will allow each First Nation/Native community to set up a private or community supervised childcare facility.