SLAAMB Participates in Bannock Bake-Off 2011

SLAAMB once again participated in the Blueberry Festival's Annual Bannock Bake-Off held Friday, July 29, 2011. Click here to view the new photos that have been added.


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Sioux Lookout Area Aboriginal Management Board
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Sioux Lookout, Ontario
P8T 1A1
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Ziggy Beardy - Assistant Co-ordinator
Roy Anderson - Project Officer


Childcare Program

The purpose of childcare is to assist trainees with the cost of providing supervised care for dependents while on a training course or starting a job. This allowance may be paid when:

Program for the Disabled

For employment purposes, a person with a disability is defined as being an individual whose prospects of securing, retaining, and advancing in suitable employment are reduced as a result of a duly recognized physical or mental impairment.

First Nations' Youth Programs

Program Objective:

To assist Aboriginal youth between the ages of 16 to 30 to gain meaningful employment/labour market skills/experience.

First Nations' Individual Initiatives

Program Objective:

To assist First Nations' individuals through a combination of programs and services to improve the employment chances and facilitate their entry into the labour market.

First Nations' District-Wide Initiative

Program Objective:

To provide greater opportunities for area Aboriginal people to participate in district wide employment training initiatives.


To provide meaningful, incremental and career development employment opportunities.

Eligible Participants:

Unemployed or career oriented area First Nations members.
Employed seeking to upgrade skills.

First Nation's Community Initiatives

Program Objective:

To assist First Nations' communities by providing a wholistic, integrated and common approach to the solution of educational, career, employment and infrastructure needs of Aboriginal people.


To provide training and employment opportunities for First Nations to develop their respective infrastructures, businesses, economies, human resource development, and community initiatives.